Make More Money

Make more money than you ever have while having fun is our motto. We measure our performance on this. In fact, a significant percentage of our team have made more money at SDA than they ever have before. This is possible because of what we offer:

  • Business Development – Unlike many firms, our executive management and practice leaders are fully engaged in the markets they serve and pride themselves on driving business to their teams and sharing the wealth.
  • Client Loyalty and Exclusivity – We have exclusive relationships with many of our clients and contacts who have been very loyal to our firm over the past 30 years. This allows us to partner with them to deliver top talent across functions and divisions, and our recruiters greatly benefit from this built in reputation as they get to fill the searches and projects.
  • High Commission Structure – We offer a highly competitive commission structure that gives the recruiters a higher payout as they close more business.
  • Technology Resources – Our technology platform includes databases, LinkedIn and Social Media and SEO resources to help you build your network of clients and candidates. For remote employees, we offer full connectivity with back office and marketing support.